Brazilian Association of Specialists in High Technology – ABEAT - is glad to present the ICCyber 2008 - V International Conference on Cyber Crimes Investigation.

It is one of the most important Events of Technology and Expertise in Computer science. It has a schedule of lectures of technical-scientific content, as well as, a program structured by Federal Crime Experts of the Computer science area.

The event will be held together with the "Third International Conference on Forensic Computer Science (ICoFCS) ", with sessions of technical-scientific works previously selected by a Technical Commission of Evaluation submitted by the participants and the Second International HTCIA Brasília Chapter Training Conference and Exposition (IBTCE 2008).

ICCyber 2008 is a great international event, open for lecturers of any part of the world; under the previous approval of the Organizing Committee. More than 800 participants are expected from several parts of Brazil and from abroad.

ICCyber represents a unique international gathering of law enforcement officials, practitioners and computer scientists from around the world with various focuses in cyber crime. Now, more than ever, we value this annual meeting as a testament to the strength of international cooperation in efforts to apply computer science technology to the betterment of cyberspace.

The idea of organizing an International Conference on Cyber Crime Investigation (ICCyber) was generated from the need of the Forensic Computer Crime Unit of the Brazilian Federal Police to discuss with other international law enforcement agencies technical, scientific and judicial questions related to the increasing complexity, incidence and rapidly changing nature of cybercrimes.

One of the aspect that motivated the creation of this event was to create a bond with the international scientific community, with an international organization, such as "Net 24/7" and Interpol, among others. One of the great objectives is the implementation of an agile system of international cooperation among policeman with the purpose to combat the cyber crimes, mainly those that have effects in several countries.

In 2008 the event will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on September 24th to 26th.

The First ICCyber was held in September 2004 in Brasília, Brazil, with more than 600 participants from 21 countries. The subsequent second and third conferences were held in December 2005 and November 2006, respectively.


Conference Goals

ICCyber has become an international forum for law enforcement, computer forensic practitioners and scientists from around the world to present their latest research findings in all aspects related do Cyber Crime and Forensic Computer Science. In addition to technical sessions in which submitted paper are presented, the meeting offers workshops and training, as well as commercial presentations & exhibits.

The “Fifth International Conference on Cyber Crime Investigation (ICCyber2008)” will be focused on presenting and discussing new techniques, tools, research and developments aimed at investigating and combating cyber crime. The event also has the following objectives:

To promote strategic cooperation and support the exchange of experiences/expertise among law enforcement agencies, academia and practitioners from around the world

To promote the research and the development of new computer forensic techniques and tools

To promote the discussion of legislation and judicial issues concerning cyber-crimes

To promote training on methods, processes, techniques and tools related to digital and forensic computer science

Event Structure

ICCyber is a unique international gathering of forensic computer practitioners, law enforcement and scientists from around the world. The 2008 edition will be composed of three major tracks:

ICCyber’2008 – Fifth International Conference on Cyber Crime Investigation:

  • Main conference
  • Keynote speakers
  • Plenary sessions
  • Informal discussions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Exhibit hall

ICoFCS’2008 – Third International Conference on Forensic Computer Science:

  • Refereed paper presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Best Paper Award presentation

IBTCE’2008 – Second International HTCIA Brasilia Chapter Training Conference and Exposition:

  • Workshops
  • Hands-on Training
  • Vendor Exposition