The Department of Federal Police, the Technical-scientific Management and the National Institute of Crime Investigation, through the Service of Expertise in Computer science (SEPINF), are glad to present the ICCyber 2007 - IV International Conference On Cyber Crimes Investigation.

It is one of the most important Events of Technology and Expertise in Computer science. It has a schedule of lectures of technical-scientific content, as well as, a program structured by Federal Crime Experts of the Computer science area. The event will be held together with the "Second International Conference on Forensic Computer Science (ICoFCS) ", with sessions of technical-scientific works previously selected by a Technical Commission of Evaluation submitted by the participants and the First International HTCIA Brasília Chapter Training Conference and Exposition (IBTCE 2007).

ICCyber 2007 is a great international event, open for lecturers of any part of the world; under the previous approval of the Organizing Committee. More than 800 participants are expected from several parts of Brazil and from abroad.

He emphasizes the possibility of exchanging technical and scientific information with the federal crime experts and between Brazilian and foreign professionals involved in correlate activities, as other experts and investigators, computer scientists and active jurists. It is considered an incentive tool to research and scientific development with focus in the combat to the cyber crimes through the participation of federal crime experts in Computer science and other Brazilian and foreign policemen, technicians and representatives of the society, promoting a larger approach with other communities of computer, justice and forensic society.

Another aspect that motivated the creation of this event was to create a bond with the international scientific community, with an international organization, such as "Net 24/7" and Interpol, among others. One of the great objectives is the implementation of an agile system of international cooperation among policeman with the purpose to combat the cyber crimes, mainly those that have effects in several countries.

The fast growth of the use of the Internet, including its usage for commercial applications that involves great financial values made every time in innumerable transactions.
The use of the Internet grows quickly, even for the commercial applications involving great quantities of financial figures in uncountable deals made every moment.

Remember that there are no boundaries borders to limit limiting either these operations or the contacts made through the cyber space. This environment has become appropriate proper to the appearing arise and growth of the so-called cyber crimes, due to, mainly, to the anonymity of its users, the facility to use the network and its connection with all the world.

Therefore This way, to so that the combat to these crimes effectively and efficiently can be effective and also efficient, mainly when they happen or affect several countries, it is necessary to have a mechanism of international cooperation formed by institutions, which are organized and structuralized to accomplish this goal aim. Besides that, it is necessary to foment the research and development in the scope of Computer Science Forensics scope.

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